• Community Employment Crisis
  • 44 years waiting for the British to show ‘solidarity’ with the victims of the Dublin/Monaghan Bombings
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Motion
  • Many people still facing eviction for precarious reasons
  • PRESS RELEASE: Introducing the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill 2018
  • Teacher Shortage; with 6 years of pay inequality and discrimination (FEMPI), is there any wonder?
  • Report: Ireland faced with high income inequality and soaring wealth inequality
  • My speech on the Eight Amendment
  • Vaccination programme for badgers announced
  • Post EU Summit Statement
  • Motion by Clare Daly to condemn economic sanctions against Syria by EU & US
  • Vast new student accommodations yet housing lists not budging
  • I really doubt the funding provided to address the housing crisis will have an impact
  • The problem of dual diagnosis in our health system

Drugs Issue

Water Charges

Housing Crisis