• Widespread hardship in the developing world due “profit-sharing”
  • Ireland’s Off-shore Islands
  • Cruel practices within the Greyhound industry
  • Big Pharma holding patients to ransom as government stands by…
  • Children experiencing homelessness in 27 per cent of primary schools
  • Ireland’s increased securitisation and the high price we’re paying to get UN Security Council votes
  • My speech at the commemoration of the First Dáil
  • Poor pay and conditions in the early childcare sector
  • Ireland’s incoherent development aid strategy
  • PESCO and the EU Army will be disastrous for Irelands international reputation and neutrality, which presently gives us a unique voice
  • Cannot help but think the DUP want to return to the past
  • Mater Hospital: Detrimental effects on the mental and physical health of staff and patients due to major understaffing
  • A “caring budget” or a PR budget?
  • Budget 2019 does nothing to address the numbers becoming homeless

Housing Crisis & Homelessness


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